Exclusive interview with Ashraf Badawi – Business Technology Consultant at United Technology Solutions – UDC

Ashraf Badawi, Business Technology Consultant at United Technology Solutions – UDC, interviews with Qatar IT Forum about his professional life and his secret to success as an IT professional. Here is the full transcript of our interview.

How did you start your professional career? And, why did you choose IT as a career?

Since I was in elementary school I was a fan of the computer world. In the secondary school I had a summer training opportunity with IBM which got me hocked even more. When I finished the secondary school I wanted to learn more about IT and computers so I choose faculty of engineering to gain more knowledge. During my university years I used every summer vacation to work for an IT company so I can get more experience. After graduation I started my career with a big IT company as a programmer / analyst.

How do you see growth of IT industry in Qatar? And, what steps Government should take to improve the IT industry?

Qatar Has a huge growth potential and very promising future, information and communication technology goes hand in hand with this type of growth so I see a lot of potential for IT industry in Qatar. The government should facilitate more worldwide events to take place in Qatar allowing more exposure to IT professionals. Also to try to utilize the new wave of could IT combined with mobility, enterprise wearable’s, and social networking which will facilitate faster and rapid growth to the industry.

What IT projects are you currently working on?

I am currently managing number if ERP /CRM implementation projects that will help the beneficiary companies to grow and achieve their business objectives.

Where do you spend most of your free time?

I like reading about new technologies so when i have time i use it to gain more technology exposure.

What’s the secret of your success as an IT Professional?

The main ingredients after GOD blessing is passion and dedication.

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