Exclusive Interview With Iram Usmani – Country Business Manager Fujitsu Technology Solutions

Iram Usman Country Business Manager – Qatar at Fujitsu Technology Solutions interviews with Qatar IT Forum about his professional life and his secret to success as an IT professional. Here is the full transcript of our interview.

How did you start your professional career? And, why did you choose IT as a career?

I started my professional career in IT Industry 16 years back with a small IT firm in my City. I choose IT during my MBA tenure with specialization in Marketing as Major.

Information Technology or more commonly known as I.T. is the most popular career and the fastest growing industry in the world. There are several success stories about people who chose this field for a career and are now on top of their game. The Information Technology industry operates at a speed much faster than any other industry and for this reason, there’s always a significant demand for highly-skilled workers. Today the rapid growth of an Information Technology industry has become arguably the most significant driver for the modern global economy. From retail to sport and music to banking, IT is a vital component of everyday life with opportunities existing across the industrial spectrum and at every level. The IT field is always changing and there are always new technologies that are being introduced and old technologies that are being phased out. As a member of the IT field you will have the opportunity to be part of a field that is changing the way we work and live. Companies leverage IT to support the creation of new services, support their business functions, and to optimize their business efficiency. IT is now becoming a critical factor for companies to build their competitive advantage against other corporations within their industry. These companies use IT to differentiate their services and products to better provide more value to their customers. The need for IT professionals to help recommend these solutions, configure products to corporate requirements, and to maintain operations will be a continued driver of stability for the IT department.

Today IT is a Commodity and it makes you feel proud to describe yourself as IT Specialist.

How do you see growth of IT industry in Qatar? And, what steps Government should take to improve the IT industry?

Qatar’s continued economic development is based on the twin pillars of diversification and innovation. ICT sector is well positioned, both as a driver and enabler for achieving Qatar’s diversification aspirations. In 2016, the Qatari ICT market is expected to reach ~ USD 6.7Bn ICT sector’s continued efforts in stimulating and embedding innovation across the continuum of education, research and development and commercialization is benefiting multiple sectors. IT Role has to play a very critical and important role for Qatar Vision 2030 to become a success on globe. Qatar has big milestone to deliver which is FIFA 2022 through defined set of objectives and protocols to follow. Qatar Rail Project, Smart City Projects, Infrastructure Projects and Doha Port as well. It is very eminent and obvious to say that IT has to play a strong and influential pivotal role in economic growth of Qatar for next 10-15 years down the line.

Government should actively leverage ICT to support the realization of Qatar’s overall national development goals and position Qatar as a leading knowledge economy. Following way can be looked at

  • Improving Connectivity
  • ICT Infrastructure
  • Modernizing the Legal & Regulatory Framework
  • Cyber Security
  • Fostering Economic Development
  • Innovation
  • Entrepreneurship Program
  • Digital Content
  • E-Governance (enhancing Public Services)
  • Online Accident Report Filing
  • E-Health Services

Key ICT Sector Achievements in Qatar

  • In 2011 Qatar ranked 25th in Networked Readiness Index
  • 2nd in ICT Dev. & Networked Readiness in the Middle East
  • Qatar ranked 2rd in government prioritization of ICT
  • Qatar ranked 4th in internet access in schools
  • In 2010, mobile penetration reached 182% of population and broadband penetration reached 95% of households

What IT projects are you currently working on?

I am responsible for delivery of Business Application Services to automate business processes within the Organization through world class technologies like Oracle and SAP. We have wide range of Technology Solutions in likes of Smart City Solutions apart being Global SI to different global technologies. We strongly support Human Centric Innovation and strive for Green Economy.

Who are your inspirations?

My father

What’s the secret of your success as an IT Professional?

Hard work, strong determination, visionary approach and on top Live to Dream.

Where do you spend most of your free time?

  • Spend Time with friends and families
  • Regular on LinkedIn to Network and read posts
  • Physical exercise like indoor games
  • Gardening

What’s the side of you that your friends, family and colleagues never see?

My jolly life

If you could go back in time, what would you do differently?

Well I started my own IT Business in early stages of career with some known associates which I will definitely like to do correct if get a chance to do so. An entrepreneur can succeed if he marches towards his dream in his way and not being dependent on external factors to assist. In my case I let too many entrants which totally crippled the business I started.

What’s your feedback about our forum? And, any thing you would like us to improve?

I think it is very interactive forum and noble thought to bring technology brains together on one single platform. I am sure this will help young generation and many amateur IT professional to develop and enhance their skills and career in long way. Perhaps we should think of some publication to reach out to more people in Qatar and makes this as the largest social network. We can also come forward to contribute and organize EVENTS to make this happening and more active.

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