Exclusive Interview with Mr. Jawad Paracha, Manager Product Development at TESS SYSTEMS

Mr. Jawad Paracha is currently working as Manager Products Development in TESS SYSTEMS and managing PaymentsME platform in Doha Qatar , also providing consultation and support to startup’s based in Qatar.

He started his career as an embedded design engineer , further got into IT industry as a Business Analyst , and worked on different platforms such as Mobile Money and Payments platform for JazzCash and Easypaisa.

How did you start your professional career? And, why did you choose IT as a career?
I actually started my professional career as a hardcore electronics engineer, designing and developing
embedded systems products but I always had the nac of getting into the things at top, so from there got
into the firmware development and then found peace in application development and IT services.

How do you see growth of IT industry in Qatar? And, what steps Government should take to
improve the IT industry?
IT industry in Qatar is growing at a rapid pace actually and it fascinates someone like me to be a part of
this growth and contribute my bit, Government should simply encourage young entrepreneurs and
startups and that’s the only recipe for success in this industry.

What are your three most important recommendations to Qatar IT Industry?
So I think we require a digitization emergency in Qatar we need to encourage as many business to make
themselves digital se we can because that would create a culture that would bring business to IT startups
and entrepreneurs and would bring an overall IT awareness.
My second recommendation would be to have enough IT schools and training centers to educate the
youth of Qatar so they can contribute to IT culture.
The third recommendation would be that the IT companies working in Qatar should set their sights on
international business and try to tap markets other than Qatar and GCC

What projects are you currently working on?
Currently we have launched a local Payment service provider gateway here in Qatar (PaymentsME) in
partnership with Doha Bank and Vistamoney and we are trying to help local SME’s to take online
payments and facilitate them in being digitized.

What’s the secret of your success as a Professional?
Commitment, faith on your abilities and hard work that is all what is required to succeed as a
professional, one should make small goals and work hard to achieve those goals and should
celebrate every single success.

If you could go back in time, what would you do differently in your career?
I am very happy and satisfied with my career the only thing I would have done different would have been
starting my career as an IT entrepreneur.

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