Exclusive interview with Amr Abaza Senior Project Manager (Oracle E-Business and Oracle Hardware) at Mannai

Amr Abaza Senior Project Manager (Oracle E-Business and Oracle Hardware) at Mannai, interviews with Qatar IT Forum about his professional life and his secret to success as an IT professional. Here is the full transcript of our interview.

How did you start your professional career?

It was my objective during my university study to shift my career from banking to IT so I decided to shift my work in Citibank Egypt on 2000 from Banking Operations Department to IT Department to join the software enhancement projects at that time, then my journey in the IT field starts. I started my professional career in the IT field on 2003 as a Software Tester and Assistant Project Manager handling e-government projects in Egypt and as a step forward on my career growth, I decided to join Mannai Trading in Qatar since 2010 till date.

During my years of experience, I’ve worked in several Software and Hardware solutions which deliver several Software and Hardware Services for several famous organizations (like ERP Implementations, HW Implementations, SW Development and SW Localization) by managing several implementations of various technologies/solutions like Oracle E-Business Suite, Oracle Hardware (Oracle Super Cluster Hardware and Software Implementation and Exadata and Exalogic Hardware and Software Implementation), SAP ERP, EMC Documentum, MS SharePoint and MS .NET.
Generally, I’m proud of what I have reached in my career and the effort I did but I still see the road towards my dreams isn’t short.

why did you choose IT as a career?

I have chosen IT as a career due to its effect in the quality of people’s life through the technology innovations which IT experts are providing. The continuous change in the IT field and the high speed of operation in the IT industry in comparison to other industries have attracted me to be part of the IT field.

How do you see growth of IT industry in Qatar?

It is obvious that the IT Industry in Qatar is growing fast as a result of the government’s focus in making Qatar an advanced society capable of sustainable development with the goal of providing a high standard of living for all citizens by implementing Qatar’s National Vision 2030.

Qatar’s high private consumption levels and bright economic growth outlook are generating good opportunities in the country’s IT sector. The IT sector has been a key beneficiary of the government’s drive to diversify the economy through its e-Government 2020 Strategy and strong support for the development of smart cities. We expect the government to remain committed to these goals, despite the sharp drop in oil prices in the year 2015.

The rapid growth of Qatar’s IT sector is highlighted by the announcement in October 2014 that Doha’s Qatar Science and Technology Park (QSTP) has reached 95% capacity in its first five years, and will expand with the addition of three new buildings. Major developments in Qatar’s IT sector over the second half of 2014 include a connection of several government ministries to a private network, as part of the ongoing Government Network Project.

what steps Government should take to improve the IT industry?

In my opinion, Qatar’s government should focus on the following to support achieving Qatar’s national development objectives:
· Implementation of Disaster Recovery in all governmental organizations
· Maximizing the scope of ERP implementations
· Business Intelligence and Analytics
· Cloud Services
· Data Warehousing
· Big Data
· Mobility

What’s your feedback about our forum?

It is obvious that Qatar IT Forum have made a significant effect in the IT market by bringing the IT Service Providers and experts altogether in one place. Adding more marketing effort will definitely help QITF reaching out more people in Qatar and perhaps outside Qatar as well.

What IT projects are you currently working on?

I’m currently working on Oracle Super Cluster Implementations, Oracle Exadata Implementations, Oracle E-Business Implementations and Oracle E-Business Support projects for several governmental organizations in Qatar.

Who are your inspirations?

My superiors at work, my parents, friends and everyone I meet who is feeling and understanding the value of the work he is doing.

What’s the secret of your success as an IT Professional?

It is my continuous eagerness to learn new technologies and methodologies as well as the keenness to align my work with the science.

Where do you spend most of your free time?

I like spending my free time with family and friends at outdoor sites. Watching movies at the movie theatres and playing sports at the gym and playing football at the stadium are also my interests.

What’s the side of you that your friends, family and colleagues never see?

I love skydiving sports so I started taking parachuting courses. Although it was not announced before but soon my family, friends and colleagues will see some videos on youtube ?

If you could go back in time, what would you do differently?

Would have started my own business in IT or even shared my ideas with the interested sponsors.

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