Job description

  • Experienced with graphic design right from brand development to roll out of collaterals, advertisements, package design, etc.
  • Create high-quality documents (primarily using InDesign), focusing on layout, aesthetic design, graphic, and info graphic creation.
  •  Materials to include, but not limited to; print and interactive collateral such as advertisements (outdoor and indoor), proposals, corporate profiles, sales presentations, property brochures, flyers, maps, aerials, logos, floor plans, and info graphics.
  •  Convert verbal and written input from the business to simple, but attractive, graphical illustrations.
  •    Stay informed of marketing/design trends both inside and outside of the real estate industry and apply new concepts and presentations to our business.
  •  Prepare graphic content for e-mail campaigns and correspondence.
  • Design art layouts for materials such as brochures, newsletters, logos, flyers, posters, booklets, presentation decks, info graphics, event signage, e-mails and responsive and mobile experiences
  • This person will need to work on content production, brand strategy, and social media to direct projects on a conceptual level, manage process, and execute through design, photography or even video.
  • Work with teams to develop a wide variety of online, video, and digital projects
  • Develop creative design solutions for limited screen real estate and mobile
  • Generate storyboards and prototypes that outline interaction, animation, and/or motion graphics
  • Develop intimate knowledge of information design, including semantic information for the web, and user interface issues such as browser / platform constraints and capabilities
  • Create initial concepts, functional design solutions, site grids, mood boards, and interface demos
  • Develop interactive prototypes of new websites, products, and application experiences
  • Eliminate and refine existing designs to enhance and optimize the experience
  • Manage post-production tasks which include reviewing footage, making editorial decisions, audio and color, and final editing
  • Additionally this person will need to support the team in marketing, co-ordination and communication so as to tactically implement the marketing and media plan.
  • Validate your decisions and push for the best user experience
  • Stay current with digital and industry trends

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