How to make online shopping in Qatar super simple

love shopping! Who doesn’t, right? I love to browse websites, check out the latest trends. And I almost always add a few products to my basket.

But then I usually end up cancelling my order. Either the price is too high, or I know collecting the package is going to be inconvenient, or I just don’t want to waste my time with a lengthy payment procedure.

Since I’ve been in Qatar, shopping online has just seemed too challenging.

But now that I found, things are looking up! The company has been around since 2010, but has just rolled out its service to Qatar.

They provide a “personal shopper” experience, simplifying how you buy online and how products gets shipped to you, but without a major price bump. You can buy from eBay, Amazon and other US or UK websites – and Edfa3ly is in both English and Arabic.

Easy to use

When I first looked it up, I found a user friendly website explaining what you need to do to order something.

First, you shop around online and choose what you want to order.


Then you copy the link of that product to Edfa3ly’s website.

Very easy.  You don’t need to worry about international shipping costs, addresses, payment procedures – any of that.



I checked the price and I was surprised because Edfa3ly only charges for actual weight, starting at QAR 7 per 100 grams. Other shipping company rates start from 500 grams, and charge per kilogram after that.

Edfa3ly increments every 100 grams, which means you don’t need to consolidate all your orders to save money, and you save time that way too.

And another thing – they don’t charge based on package dimensions (for example: if you order a pair of shoes with a box 10 x 10 x 10, Edfa3ly only counts the shoe’s weight, they don’t charge extra for a large box).

Pre-calculate shipping

It’s possible to calculate the price you’ll pay for shipping before ordering. Edfa3ly has a calculator on its website and gives the estimated price they will charge, based on the product’s weight.


Unfortunately, not all shopping websites list that information though.

In my case, I bought a watch that didn’t mention its weight. When Edfa3ly received it, they weighed the shipment and provided the real weight and cost of my order on its dashboard.

Fully insured

Another big perk: Items are fully insured and custom-cleared.

Edfa3ly guarantee that you get your items wrapped and repackaged, and in case of breakage or loss, you will receive a full refund.

No lengthy setup

This is one of my favorite parts. You don’t need to sign up. You can use your Facebook or Twitter account – and with a single click, you’re logged in.

And you only need to provide the address you want to use to receive you order. You don’t need to use any Edfa3ly country addresses from the place you are ordering, which is great.

Customer service

Edfa3ly provides online customer support. I sent them a request to test it out, and I got an answer 5 minutes later.

Methods of Payment


You can choose to pay via credit card or PayPal. But if you don’t want to pay online, you can choose to pay in cash. The courier will collect the money at your address – a service Edfa3ly doesn’t charge extra for!

I used my credit card and it was very easy. It only took a couple of minutes to complete the process the very first time I used Edfa3ly’s service.


The only other step I noticed was when I checked my inbox, I had an email asking to confirm my ID card for security reasons, and to verify that the person ordering is 18 or above. Fair enough, right?


Track your shipment

I was able to follow the whole delivery process through Edfa3ly’s dashboard and know where my package was at all times.


Home Delivery

It’s free! No need to go to their office… and no extra costs!

It took longer than is was supposed to, but I received my watch in perfect conditions. And it’s so nice when someone knocks at your door and you receive a “gift” – even if it is from you to you! At the end of the day, the most difficult part is to choose what you want to order!

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