Qatari bank gets nod for ‘finger vein pattern’ ATM technology

Qatar’s Commercial Bank has announced that it has obtained approval to introduce new finger vein pattern recognition technology to its ATMs, allowing customers to withdraw cash without the need for a bank card or PIN number.

Commercial Bank said it is the first bank in Qatar and the Middle East to obtain approval to deploy finger vein pattern recognition technology.

The technology will also be extended to corporate and VIP customers to access their Internet banking accounts using a finger vein scanner. Registration to use the finger vein scanning technology is free, the bank said in a statement.

The technology maps the internal vein system within a finger, and will only accept a living finger unlike fingerprint scanning, meaning that authentication requires the customer to be present in person each and every time, it added.

Commercial Bank CEO Joseph Abraham said: “Biometric security features are an important tool to combat financial fraud and identity theft. Enhancing the client experience without compromising customer security is a priority at Commercial Bank.

“Introducing finger vein scanning technology to the local market and region is not only innovative but also provides an effective way for customers to access their accounts securely without the need for a card or PIN.”


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