QMIC’s Wain mobile app fully integrated with WhatsApp

The Qatar Mobility Innovations Centre (QMIC) has announced the launch of an enhanced version of its Wain application which is now the first local navigation application to be fully integrated with WhatsApp.
This integration is a key milestone that will enable thousands of WhatsApp users in Qatar to choose Wain for navigation seamlessly from within WhatsApp. Wain is available for download for free from the Apple and Android application stores.
Additionally, users as well as enterprises are able to use this comprehensive platform as a method to promote their events. In addition, Wain provides the capability for users to seamlessly navigate to the location of any event and to share events through different communication and social media channels. As such, Wain can be used as the first local and open social platform for publishing and searching for events.
Wain, developed by QMIC, in collaboration with many strategic national entities is emerging as the de facto companion for users on Qatar roads. Through a collection of unique features such as events info, fully local and up to date dynamic map, advanced intelligent navigation services, real-time traffic information, speed camera alerts, Points of Interests in Qatar and real time parking info from several parking sites, the application provides its users an easy and smooth access to the tools necessary to enhance their driving experience in Qatar and act as a guide for visitors of Qatar.
As part of the new release, Wain now has a comprehensive feature that allows users to access info about events in Qatar and allows entities and users to publish their own events directly through Wain. This feature made it easier for users to browse the most popular and trending events, subscribe to events that interest them and also get an overview of the upcoming events by week, month, or day.
DrAdnan Abu-Dayya, executive director and CEO, QMIC said, “We are very excited to launch this new release with richer content and few significant enhancements that thousands of our users were looking for. In particular, our ability to complete the integration with WhatsApp is significant given the popularity of WhatsApp in Qatar. In addition, our comprehensive events platform with its publishing, sharing, and navigation capabilities is the first in Qatar. We look forward to work with our strategic partners and customers to continue enhancing Wain to make it the best guide for residents and visitors of Qatar.”
Since its launch, Wain has been downloaded more than 200,000 times and is being used by tens of thousands of users on a monthly basis in Qatar. It will soon have one of the largest collections of Points of Interests in Qatar with more than 30,000 locations. As such Wain can serve as a promotional channel to entities which wish to communicate their messages to thousands of road users or commuters in Qatar.


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