SAP Business Analyst

Job description

 SAP Application:

  • Is responsible for day-to-day local IT support in the domain of SAP Applications in order to ensure optimum efficiency and effectiveness of the same.
  • Ensure effective and optimal solution design, deployment and support of SAP solutions.
  • Develop SAP Architectural framework to ensure effective and optimal solution design, deployment and support of SAP solutions.
  • Is responsible for strategy initiatives implementation with related to SAP applications and propose changes to technology roadmaps.
  • Develop roadmaps for the SAP techno/functional areas and construct an execution plan for implementation of new projects and initiatives.
  • Participate in planning and executing Disaster Recovery activity and test scenarios.
  • Handle incident and problem management, and responsible for resolution and root cause analysis of SAP Applications issues within established SLA’s.

SAP Systems Performance and Monitoring:

  • Plan and incorporate the processes of SAP activities onto current systems so as to ensure a seamless integration.


SAP Systems Integrity and Security:

  • Translate business requirements into SAP Security design keeping in mind the overall landscape, architecture and vision of the organization.
  • Understand and ensure the effectiveness of related controls at the database, operating system, and network to ensure integrity, availability, segregation of duties, restriction of sensitive data, and confidentiality of SAP systems and data.
  • Plan, execute and implement SAP systems and data integrity related activities in order to safeguard corporate information and ensure high availability standards are preserved.
  • Plan, execute and implement Q-Chem SAP related governance, risk and compliance activities so as to ensure a full compliance by mandated policies and procedures.

User Requirements Management:

  • Align SAP solutions with business requirements in order to draw on existing applications and/ or set effective and cost efficient alternative routes.
  • Lead end users support activities in the area of SAP in order to ensure optimal operation’s efficiency.

SAP Project Management:

  • Act as focal point on managing outsourced SAP related projects so as to ensure a timely completion of the project at hand according to cost, time, budget and quality.
  • Handle issues and risks so that issues are identified, documented, communicated, and resolved throughout the project.
  • Oversee SAP techno/functional improvement projects implementing new processes, technologies, and infrastructures using project management methodologies.

Minimum Qualification:

  • Bachelor degree in Computer/IT Science or Computer Engineering.

Minimum Experience:

  • 3 – 5 years of experience in a similar role providing SAP support with a working knowledge in IT projects management.
  • 1-2 years of experience in Oil and Gas Industry is an advantage.

Job Specific Skills:

  • Robust knowledge of SAP respective functional module and respective integration both internal and external to SAP.
  • Knowledge of various contractors and/ or technical specifications within bids.
  • Communication and Time Management Skills
  • Planning and Organizing


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