Senior Social Media Executive

Job description

We’re looking for a full-time Senior Social Media Executive to join our team in Doha Main duties include the creation of content that drives the brand and engages customers. It also includes the live coverage of various events and directly having conversations with users on the various social media accounts that include but not limited to: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Snapchat, etc.

Tasks include:

·       Develop and deploy content calendars across the various brand platforms

·       Engage with fans on a daily basis to answer their inquiries or concerns

·       Analyze platforms’ performance and come back with recommendations when needed
Needed Skills & Experience:

·       Demonstrate creativity and immersion in Social Media

·       Exhibit the ability to jump from the creative side of marketing to analytical side, able to demonstrate why their ideas are analytically sound.

·       Display in-depth knowledge and understanding of Social Media platforms, their respective participants

·       Possesses functional knowledge and/or personal experience with movie editing softwares

·       2-3 years of relevant experience

·       Fluent in both English & Arabic – Arabic is a must

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