Urban Point wins Qatar’s mobile app of the year award

Urban Point recently won the Mobile App of the Year award at Entrepreneur Qatar’s Enterprise Agility Awards 2016 ceremony for its innovative business model, sleek design, intuitive user experience and prospects for international expansion.

The app provides “Buy 1 Get 1 Free” offers at restaurants, spas, health clubs and fun activity centers in Qatar. The company also organizes month-long contests, where users get to be the judges.

But it’s more than that – Urban Point is designed to be a lifestyle companion, helping you enjoy Qatar without hurting your wallet.

Other “voucher” books or discount apps already exist in Qatar, but Urban Point brings a unique approach: its offers renew every month, it’s more affordable, you can subscribe monthly, and Vodafone customers can pay the subscription on their cellular bills.

Here are some of the many reasons why Urban Point is a must-have app:

Redeem offers every month

Other savings apps allow you to use an offer up to 3 times a year. With Urban Point, it’s possible to use an offer once a month, which means 12 times a year. No other app offers that.

“This makes a massive difference in savings, especially if a customer is a fan of a certain brand and enjoys visiting it regularly.” – Susanna Ingalls, Co-founder of Urban Point

No annual subscription

Urban Point is innovating with its monthly service fee. Until now it was only possible to access these kinds of services with an annual, up-front payment.

“Other companies force you to buy their book or app for a whole year. However, if you buy a voucher book for 2017 in June, you will have lost half of the year’s access to offers, and your purchase will expire in December. With Urban Point, you can pick a monthly package of your choice and you don’t have to worry about paying too much for an annual subscription.” – Susanna Ingalls, Co-founder of Urban Point

The most affordable of its kind

It costs QR 19 a month. And for Vodafone customers, the service costs even less: QR 10 per month, which is paid on the monthly cellular bill.

Non-Vodafone customers can use their credit cards to subscribe.

More offers every month

Because this mobile app is a purely digital product, new brands and offers are added every month.

“Users benefit from Urban Point’s continuous growth and increase in their choices! And we don’t have to worry about making sure that the mobile app has the exact same offers and brands as in a voucher book, since a book printed once a year cannot be updated.” – Susanna Ingalls, Co-founder of Urban Point

Fun month-long competitions

The team wanted to add more value to its mobile app; that’s why they decided to create month-long competitions.

In September, Urban Point launched the first-ever “Qatar Burger Month”, and Doha’s Best Cheesecake Competition was held in August.

“Qatar is a diverse place, with different people living together in a rapidly developing country and it’s events like these that make things fun and bring people together.” – Susanna Ingalls, Co-founder of Urban Point

Qatar Biryani Month

This November, Urban Point has launched the first-ever “Qatar Biryani Month.”

Anyone with an iOS or Android smartphone can download the Urban Point mobile app to enjoy “Buy 1 Get 1 free” biryani offers at several restaurants across the country.

The goal of the month-long event is to enable the community to determine the top 3 most-liked biryanis in Qatar. At the end of the month, based on the cumulative ratings provided by the customers, the Best Biryani in Qatar will be announced.

From Germany to Qatar

Urban Point’s story is different than that of most Qatari start-ups. The idea behind the concept was sparked during an MBA project at the Mannheim Business School in Germany.

The co-founders chose Qatar as their first market to implement their unique business model of creating a mobile app billed through cellular companies to offer customers access to exclusive discounts.

Urban Point quickly gained a large user-base in Qatar and is working on its international expansion.


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